William's Family Photographs

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This page is for William McKague, his wife Elizabeth Coyle and their descendants. We're finished now, except for the usual strays.

This is our own branch, so we have many more pictures here than we do for the other branches. In fact, we're not even putting up all the ones we have of our closest family members because nobody (except possibly doting grandparents) wants to look at a couple of hundred pictures of anybody. But we still need pictures for the more distant twigs on William's branch.

Ames, Gertrude, 1882-ca 1989
Arnold, Melinda
Arthur, James Charles (Jim)
Arthur, James Fraser (Fraser)
Arthur, Joan Patricia
Arthur, Kathleen Ruth (Kathy)
Arthur, Marjorie Mable (McKague)
Ash, Eva May

Bambrick, Doreen Elizabeth
Bevin, Peter Courtney Frank (Pete)
Bowman, Mary Selah
Boyer, Marlene Marion (Buckler)
Bradley, Hettie, 1882-1953
Breuer, Cheryl Margaret
Breuer, Christina Florence
Breuer, Faye Irene
Breuer, George Allen
Breuer, Harold Albin
Breuer, Loralee Anne
Breuer, Margaret Florence (McKague)
Breuer, Randall Lee (Randy)
Breuer, Robert Harold
Breuer, Shannon Dorothy
Breuer, Stuart Henry
Breuer, Timothy James
Breuer, Twyla Marion
Brown, Shannon Dorothy (Breuer)
Brunton, Linda (Massey)
Buckler, Brian Randy
Buckler, Marlene Marion
Buckler, Marion Beatrice (McKague)
Buckler, Neil Wesley
Buckler, Wesley Norman (Wes)
Byers, Carolyn Anne
Byers, Daniel William (Dan)
Byers, Jeffrey Daniel (Jeff)
Byers, Leila Marlene (Rusk)

Carlaw, Evelyn (Massey)
Clark, Beatrice Lillian, 1910-1956
Clark, Dorothy Mae (Smith)
Clark, Ida Lily (McKague), 1876-1954
Clark, John Bruce, 1916-1999 (Bruce)
Clark, John Martin, ca 1870-1918
Clark, Leslie Robert Martin, 1914-1999
Clark, Lori Dawn
Clark, Susan (Dyck), 1916-1999 (Susie)
Cochrane, Margaret Maria (Maggie)
Conley, Isabelle (Massey)
Coyle, Elizabeth, 1815-1906
Crego, Mary Joyce (Hoskin) (Joy)

Darling, Helen
Darling, Lilly Jane (Massey), 1891-1988
Darling, Lorne
Dawson, Myrtle, 1883-1988
Day, Esther
Deith, James (Jamie)
Deith, Lisa Jane (Stephens)
Deith, Mairin Carys Morgan
Deith, Taylor
Diamond, Ronnie Rose

Donaldson, Sarah (McKague), 1846-bef 1939
Dyck, Susan, 1916-1999 (Susie)

Eagleson, Caroline, 1846-1925
Eagleson, Maria, 1852-1943
Elliott, Margaret Beatrice (Hoskin)
Elsey, Ruth
Erno, Barry Douglas
Erno, Devan Curtis
Erno, Janice Louise (Evans)
Evans, Dorothy Louise (McKague)
Evans, Douglas John
Evans, Holly
Evans, Jake
Evans, James Thomas (Jim)
Evans, Janice Louise
Evans, John Wellington, born 1912 (Jack)
Evans, Lori (maiden name unknown)

Foggo, Agnes, born 1918
Ford, Mavis Noreen
Forsyth, Mary Selah (Bowman)
Foster, Gladys Burgoyne, born ca 1881

Golding, Myrtle (Dawson), 1883-1988

Hartford, Melody Anne (Palmateer)
Hill, Mona Delores (Palmateer)
Hoskin, Emily Jean (Jean)
Hoskin, Eva May (Ash)
Hoskin, Lena Alice (Smith)
Hoskin, Margaret Beatrice
Hoskin, Martha (McKague), 1855-1939
Hoskin, Mary Joyce (Joy)
Hoskin, Sarah (maiden name unknown)
Hoskin, Thomas Allen (Allen)
Hoskin, Thomas John, 1881-1970 (Thom)
Hughes, Donella Francis
Hunting, Joan Patricia (Arthur)

Irvine, Debra Joanne (Deb)

Johnston, Helen (Darling)

Knight, Edith Mary, 1877-1944
Knight, Ella (McKague)
Kvistbo, David Richard (Richard)
Kvistbo, Douglas Ivan
Kvistbo, Hans Richard Kvistgaard, 1919-1986 (Dick)
Kvistbo, Leila Christina (McKague)
Kvistbo-Irvine, Debra Joanne (Irvine) (Deb)

Leonard, Audrey Grace (McKague)
Leonard, Carol Ann (McKague)
Leonard, Dennis Arthur
Leonard, Larry Lawson
Leonard, Leman Albert, 1915-1995 (Albert)
Lloyd, Keitha Pearl, 1888-1916 (Pearl)
Lowes, Patricia Gail (Palmateer)
Ludgate, Margaret Alice, born 1865 (Maggie)

Massey, Agnes (Foggo), born 1918
Massey, Albert, 1885-1966
Massey, Andrew
Massey, Clarence Ames, 1911-1942
Massey, Clarence Wesley, 1876-1968
Massey, Dean, 1916-ca 1969
Massey, Denton, 1956-ca 1975
Massey, Donald Vincent
Massey, Evelyn
Massey, Franklin, 1887-1938
Massey, Garfield Lloyd, 1940-1945 (Gary)
Massey, George Marcus
Massey, Gertrude (Ames), 1882-ca 1989
Massey, Helen
Massey, Isabelle
Massey, James
Massey, Keitha Pearl (Lloyd), 1888-1916
Massey, Lilly Jane, 1891-1988
Massey, Linda
Massey, Lloyd, born 1911
Massey, Luella Catherine, 1909-1981
Massey, Marcus, 1849-1938
Massey, Marjorie Allison
Massey, Mary Ann (McKague), 1852-1945
Massey, Mary Elizabeth
Massey, Pearl (Lloyd), 1888-1916
Massey, Richard Martin
Massey, Ruth (Elsey)
Massey, Stella, 1880-1899
Massey, Velma Ellen Isobel (Peterson)
Massey, William Albert, 1885-1966
McArthur, Mary Selah (Bowman Forsyth)
McCormick, Sharon Elaine (McKague)
McFiggin, Emily Jean (Hoskin) (Jean)
McGloughlan, Elizabeth (McKague), 1845-1943 (Metta)
McGregor, Lena Maud, 1879-1967
McGuire, Debra Lynn (Deb)
McIntyre, Jean (Moon)

McKague, Arthur Edmund, 1877-1957
McKague, Arthur Leslie (Art)
McKague, Audrey Grace

McKague, Beatrice, 1885-1909
McKague, Brenda Wood
McKague, Brianna Nelson

McKague, Carla Anne
McKague, Carol Ann
McKague, Caroline (Eagleson Moon), 1846-1925
McKague, Charles Hilton, 1884-1970
McKague, Clarence, 1908-1998 (J.C.)
McKague, Cody Nelson

McKague, Dale Stuart
McKague, D'Arcy James
McKague, Donella Francis (Hughes)
McKague, Donna Lynn
McKague, Doreen Elizabeth (Bambrick)
McKague, Doris Lillian
McKague, Dorothy Louise

McKague, Edith Mary (Knight), 1877-1944
McKague, Elizabeth, 1845-1943
McKague, Elizabeth (Coyle), 1815-1906
McKague, Ella
McKague, Ella Beatrice, 1885-1909
McKague, Eric
McKague, Eric Richards
McKague, Ernest Bradley, 1912-1998
McKague, Ethel Maud, 1913-1988

McKague, Florence Jane (Stuart), 1887-1941
McKague, Florence Myrtle
McKague, Frank Russell, 1906-1976

McKague, George, born 1840
McKague, George Kenneth, 1915-1985
McKague, George Wilfrid, 1912-1933

McKague, Hedley, 1882-1968
McKague, Helen
McKague, Helen Julia (Runnels), 1907-1984
McKague, Hettie (Bradley), 1882-1953
McKague, Hilton, 1884-1970

McKague, Ida Lily, 1876-1954

McKague, James, 1850-1935
McKague, James Ernest (Jim)
McKague, James Hedley, 1882-1968
McKague, Jane
McKague, John, 1854-1933
McKague, John Bruce, 1880-1972
McKague, John Clarence, 1908-1998 (J.C.)
McKague, Judith Doreen

McKague, Kenneth, 1915-1985
McKague, Kevin Trent

McKague, Lizzie (McMaster), 1869-1955
McKague, Leila Christina
McKague, Lena Maud (McGregor), 1879-1967
McKague, Linda
McKague, Lonny Brent

McKague, Mable May, 1903-1945
McKague, Margaret Alice (Ludgate), born 1865 (Maggie)
McKague, Margaret Florence
McKague, Margaret Lillian (Richards), 1913-1985
McKague, Margaret Linda
McKague, Maria (Eagleson), 1852-1943
McKague, Marion Beatrice
McKague, Marjorie Mable
McKague, Martha, 1855-1939
McKague, Mary Ann, 1852-1945
McKague, Mary Elizabeth (McMaster), 1869-1955
McKague, Mary Selah (Bowman Forsyth McArthur)
McKague, Mavis Noreen (Ford)
McKague, Metta, 1845-1943
McKague, Michelle Elizabeth
McKague, Myrtle (Dawson Golding), 1883,1988

McKague, Ormond Knight

McKague, Richard Blair (Rick)
McKague, Rick
McKague, Robert Eric
McKague, Robert James, 1835-1920
McKague, Robert James
McKague, Ross Alan

McKague, Sarah, 1846-bef 1939
McKague, Sharon Elaine
McKague, Stuart Alan
McKague, Susan Elizabeth

McKague, Taylor James
McKague, Terence (Terry)

McKague, Walter Merwin
McKague, Wilfrid, 1912-1933
McKague, William H., 1859-1893
McKague, William J., 1812-1889

McMaster, Mary Elizabeth, 1869-1955 (Lizzie)
Melcosky, Earl
Melcosky, Kylie Raine
Melcosky, Lori Dawn (Clark)
Melcosky, Tyson Jared
Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth (Massey)
Moon, Caroline (Eagleson), 1846-1925
Moon, Gladys Burgoyne (Foster), born ca 1881
Moon, Jean
Moran, Andrew Réné James
Moran, Erica Sebastienne (van Will) (Sebastienne)
Moran, Sean Sebastian James

Nelson, Shelly Lynn

Ogg, Marjorie Allison (Massey)

Palmateer, Carol Anita
Palmateer, Clare Cleveland, 1931-1960
Palmateer, Elgie Rumsey, 1910-1954
Palmateer, Esther (Day)
Palmateer, Luella Catherine (Massey), 1909-1981
Palmateer, Melody Anne
Palmateer, Mona Delores
Palmateer, Patricia Gail
Palmateer, Paul Beverly Hayden, 1940-1971
Palmateer, Rumsey (Rum)
Parthun, Felice Roseanne Janet
Peterson, Velma Ellen Isobel

Redcliffe, Linda Anne (Anne)
Richards, Margaret Lillian, 1913-1985
Richmond, Brad William
Richmond, Graeme Donald Wolfe
Richmond, Paul Stanley Wolfe
Ross, Carol Anita (Palmateer)
Runnels, Helen Julia, 1907-1984
Rusk, Bruce Arthur
Rusk, Clifford Arthur, 1914-1984 (Cliff)
Rusk, Donald Andrew (Don)
Rusk, Donald Calin
Rusk, Doris Lillian (McKague)
Rusk, James Arthur (Jim)
Rusk, John Davey
Rusk, Juliann (Turner)
Rusk, Leila Marlene
Rusk, Margaret Elizabeth
Rusk, Mark Joseph
Rusk, Ronnie Rose (Diamond)
Rusk, Sarah Doris

Sitter, Cheryl Margaret (Breuer)
Smith, Dorothy Mae
Smith, Helen (Massey/McKague)
Smith, Lena Alice
Staples, Jane (McKague)
Staples, John Henry, 1834-1919
Stephens, Cecil Wallace, 1908-1996
Stephens, Christopher David (Chris)
Stephens, David Carey (Dave)
Stephens, Debra Lynn (McGuire) (Deb)
Stephens, Donna Ruth
Stephens, Florence Myrtle (McKague)
Stephens, Glenn Robert
Stephens, Jennifer Anne
Stephens, Katherine Danielle (Katie)
Stephens, Linda Anne (Redcliffe) (Anne)
Stephens, Lisa Jane
Stephens, Matthew Glenn
Stillwell, Benjamin George
Stillwell, Emily Irene
Stillwell, James Jerome, 1886-1952 (Jim)
Stillwell, James Mark, 1927-1991 (Mark)
Stillwell, Mable May (McKague), 1903-1945
Stillwell, Murray Edmund
Stillwell, Robert John
Stuart, Florence Jane, 1887-1941
Stuart, Margaret Maria (Cochrane) (Maggie)
Stuart, William (Bill)

Tuck, Benjamin Robert
Tuck, Donna Ruth Stephens
Tuck, Elizabeth Susan (Beth)
Tuck, Jeffrey Stephen (Jeff)
Tuck, Katelyn Laura Mechelle (Katie)
Tuck, Melinda (Arnold)
Tuck, Noah Jeffrey
Tuck, Robert Scott (Rob)
Tuck, Ross
Turner, Juliann

van Will, Erica Sebastienne (Sebastienne)
van Will, Margaret Linda (Linda)
van Will, Sebastianus Jozef Egidius (Van, Gidi)

Welke, Donna Lynn (McKague)
Wolfe, Benjamin Louis (Ben)
Wolfe, Carla Anne (McKague)
Wolfe, Jennifer Anne (Jen)
Wolfe, Menya Ruth, 1964-2001
Wolfe, Morris
Wolfe-Parthun, Emma Mary Laurel
Wolfe-Parthun, Hannah Margaret Rose
Wolfe-Parthun, Noah Raymond Morris
Wood, Brenda
Woodall, Judith Doreen (McKague)

Young, Bethany Anne
Young, Ernest Gordon (Gord)
Young, Jennifer Anne (Stephens)
Young, Jordan
Young, Nathaniel Donovan
Young, Simona Gwendolyn Jennika

Zinck, Faye Irene (Breuer)

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