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This page is for you to find other places you may want to visit on the web. In particular, it's for finding home pages for other family members, and genealogy pages for related families. Let us know if you want us to include yours--but no commercial sites, please. And put a link to on your page.

We also have a second page with some sites of more general interest, genealogical and otherwise.


[link to eric's home page]Eric McKague

[link to menya's page]Menya Wolfe's Memorial Page

[link to menya's banners]Menya's Banners (a unique memorial)

[link to pete's home page]Pete Bevin

[link to logan's page]Logan Spagnolo's Baby Pictures


[link to morans]Andrew Moran's Family.

[link to blacks]The Black Family

[link to brunners]The Brunner Family

[link to calkinses]The Calkins Family.

[link to curtises and spencers]The Curtis and Spencer Families

[link to dunnills]The Dunnill Family

[link to drynans]The Drynan Family

[link to gunters and hennessys]The Gunter and Hennessy Families.

[link to websters/hazeltons]The Webster/Hazelton Family

[link to mcindoos]The McIndoo Family

[link to mary & james mckague]The McKague Family (James and Mary (Stamper) McKague)

[link to mckeags]The McKeag Family (all spellings)

[link to mckeagues] The McKeague Family. These folks originate in the same community in County Cavan as our Cavan McKagues, and we hope that eventually we'll establish a link.

[link to paxmans]The Paxman Family

[link to van blaricums]The Van Blaricum Family

[link to van wills]The Van Will Family


[link to roach page]Early Colborne Families (especially the Keelers)

[link to colborne page]Colborne Community Website

More Links

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