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We would like to dedicate this page to the memory of two very special women: our aunt Ethel Maud McKague (1913-1988) and our mother, Margaret Lillian Richards (1913-1985). Their early work on tracing their respective families and their legacies of notes, documents and pictures inspired us to begin this project. Ethel and Margaret spent many hours and much energy on research before the days of "computer genealogy", and we salute them for their efforts.

We also want to thank the many family members and others who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to these pages. You know who you are--there are too many of you to mention individually (but check out the footnotes).

We have posted several of our family trees to this site, and hope to add more. We're trying to update them on a regular basis.

We've also included a tree which includes only our direct ancestors. It is primarily for our children, although it may be of interest or use to others.

Some important notes:

(1) Please note that we do not make any guarantees about the accuracy of this material. Almost none of our work is original primary-source research; it is largely a compilation of the work of others. Some of our sources are very reliable; others are less so. Some have provided us with information about THEIR sources; others have not. We've tried to do our best to sort it all out, reconcile conflicting information and point out problems when we spot them. We are footnoting the trees to help you determine how trustworthy the information is. And we welcome your corrections and additions.

(2) We can't always get your corrections and additions incorporated in a timely way. We have a mass of material coming in, and it can be hard to prioritize. If you've sent us material, and you don't see it yet, please be patient. It's somewhere in the 200 MB of computer files or the large pile of paper we haven't got to yet.

(3) We are in the process of extensively revising our footnotes, so please be patient if some of them look a little odd, with bullets and stars (to remind us how far we've got). We will get there eventually.

(4) We're also trying to rationalize and standardize place names, so you will see changes there from time to time. We're going to make some mistakes doing this, so please let us know if you find one.

In December 1999 we introduced a new feature--the Question of the Month. Since we've only managed to get up one question in all that time, we're giving up the idea. We have collected a lot of helpful information on our original question, but--sigh--haven't yet had time to incorporate it into the relevant tree.

Go and explore.You can get back to this page at any time from any of the trees by choosing "Contact" at the bottom of the page and then choosing the web address beside the little house.

[link to cavan tree]The McKagues from County Cavan

[link to mcgregor tree]Our McGregor Family

[link to richards tree]Our Richards (and other Québec) Family

[link to wilson tree]Our Wilson Family

[link to mccrea tree]Our McCrea Family

[link to armagh tree]The McKagues from County Armagh

[link to eagleson tree]Our Eagleson Family

[link to ancestors tree]Our Ancestors

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