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The two of us are novices, both at genealogy and at web page design. We want to thank all the people who have been encouraging and helpful, and continue to give us positive and constructive feedback. (We'll forget for the moment the people who said, "I cried!" or "People will think it was done by a couple of talented eight-year-olds!" We will charitably assume that the latter was merely a reference to the picture on our main page.)

So thank you to all the following.

Site content:

We can't even begin to name you. There are dozens of people. You've supplied genealogical information and corrections. You've spent your time and money copying family photographs and documents for us, or trustingly mailing the originals to two total strangers. You've told us when we were going right and when we were way off track. Your continued enthusiasm keeps us going.

Site management:

The ever patient and helpful Pete Bevin, our site administrator, who corrects the REALLY big foulups and tells us how not to do it again.


Most of the graphics have been designed by us (or occasionally our father, Eric McKague, still as creative at 90 as he ever was), or are freebies that came with various programs. However, we did find, and take advantage of, a few sites with backgrounds we really liked, including the one you're currently looking at. We want to thank them and recommend them to any of you who are looking at doing your own web pages. Pay a visit to:

Bradley W. Schenck

EOS Development

Backgrounds, Bumps and Textures (Mark Johnson)

Texture Land


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