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Welcome to Your hosts are Linda McKague van Will and Carla McKague.

We want this site to be a resource for all of our family members, not just those named McKague. We welcome people named Wilson, McGregor, Richards, Osterhout, Clarke, or anything else--anybody whose family tree intersects with ours.

To help you navigate around this site, we've chosen an image associated with each of the seven main families it deals with. When you see a link incorporating one of these images, you'll know quickly which family's photographs, family tree or other information it leads to. Here are the images we're using (at least for now--we may change our minds later):

[richards image]The Richards (and other Québec) family. This is the silver medal awarded to N.D. Richards in 1877 by the University of Toronto Medical School.

[mcgregor image]The McGregor family. This one is pretty obvious--the McGregor dress tartan.

[cavan image]The McKagues from County Cavan. This is the bell end of the long horn that John and Jane McKague brought with them from Ireland. It was used to call the family in from the fields.

[armagh image]The McKagues from County Armagh. This is lettering on a teakettle from Thomas McKague's tinsmithery in Teeswater, Ontario.

[wilson image]The Wilson family. This is Annie Osterhout Wilson's 1868 wedding bouquet.

[eagleson image]The Eagleson family. This is a detail from the marriage certificate of Caroline Eagleson and Robert James McKague.

[mccrea image]The McCrea family. This necklace was the wedding gift of Dr. J.N. McCrea to his bride Margaret Forbes. It has been worn by many brides, most recently Sebastienne van Will at her marriage to Andrew Moran.

Here are the places you can go so far (see the bottom of the page for what's new):

[link to genealogy page]Family genealogy. We've put up our efforts so far at documenting the various branches of our family. We welcome your comments, corrections and additions.

[link to photographs page]Family photographs. We've collected a lot of old and new pictures of family members, family homes and other related things. We are making them available as quickly as we can. We're also looking for more.

[link to links page]Family web links. We've got several here already. And we invite other family members with personal web pages, and related families with genealogical web pages, to have us include a link to their site.

[link to puregold page]Pure Gold. Family treasures of all kinds.

[link to search page]Search our site. Locate information, or just browse.

link to guestbookGuestbook. Let us know you've been here.

[link to credits page]Credits. A thank you to some of those who've helped us.

Welcome aboard. And now that you're a member of the crew, send us your ideas.

New on site:

March 2005: Unfortunately, nothing. This site has not been updated since early 2004. Since then we have had time problems, and now have some major technical problems. We do have lots of new information, but we can't promise when it will be added. We'll keep plugging away, and hope it won't be much longer.

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