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This page is for the photographs we have of our McGregors. They're all up now, except for the inevitable few strays. As usual, we'd be delighted to have more. If you can contribute, get in touch with Linda at the E-mail address on our main page.

We've tried to make it easy for you to find pictures of a particular person by including variations of his or her name in the list below. For example, if you're looking for Lillian Broster, you'll find her under "Broster, Ada Lillian (Lillian)", "McGregor, Lillian (Broster)" and "McGregor, Ada Lillian (Broster)". And Bill Bowen is listed as "Bowen, William George (Bill)". In some cases we've also included birth and death dates to help you. If you have any ideas on how to make the process even simpler, let us know.

Ansley, Heather (Prentice)
Arnold, Melinda

Bevin, Peter Courtney Frank (Pete)
Bowen, George Bradford, 1874-1947
Bowen, Ina Margaret, 1913-1980
Bowen, Jane Marguerite
Bowen, Judith Ina
Bowen, Marguerite (Latimer), 1913-1998
Bowen, Myrtle Bertha (McGregor), 1881-1976
Bowen, Robert McGregor (Bob)
Bowen, William George (Bill)
Bowman, Mary Selah
Boyd, Bertha
Boyd, Ethel May (McGregor), 1878-1946
Boyd, George Robert, 1877-1962
Broster, Ada Lillian, 1898-1968 (Lillian)
Byers, Carolyn Anne
Byers, Daniel William (Dan)
Byers, Jeffrey Daniel (Jeff)
Byers, Leila Marlene (Rusk)

Clarke, Bertha, 1856-1899
Clarke, E. Anna (Inglis), 1858-1928 (Annie)
Clarke, Edna Marie, 1880-1958
Cook, Eliza
Covert, Reginald

Davies, April (Prentice)
Deith, James (Jamie)
Deith, Lisa Jane (Stephens)
Deith, Mairin Carys Morgan
Deith, Taylor
Diamond, Mary Ann, 1833-1901
Diamond, Ronnie Rose

Forsyth, Mary Selah (Bowman)

Grimshaw, Vera

Harner, Eliza (Cook McGregor)
Harner, Eva (McGregor)
Harner, Pearl
Harvey, Bonnie (Prentice)
Hookings, Miriam (Mim)

Inglis, E. Anna, 1858-1928 (Annie)
Irvine, Debra Joanne (Deb)
Isaac, Jasmine
Isaac, Justin
Isaac, Kevin

Jackson, Bertha, 1856-1899
Jamieson, Bertha (Boyd)

Kirby, Karalee Anne (Prentice) (Kelly)
Knight, Edna Marie (Clarke), 1880-1958
Knight, Mildred I., 1902-1906
Kvistbo, David Richard (Richard)
Kvistbo, Douglas Ivan
Kvistbo, Hans Richard Kvistgaard, 1919-1986 (Dick)
Kvistbo, Leila Christina (McKague)
Kvistbo-Irvine, Debra Joanne (Irvine) (Deb)

Latimer, Marguerite, 1913-1998

McArthur, Mary Selah (Bowman Forsyth)

McGregor, Ada Lillian (Broster), 1898-1968
McGregor, Ann Louise
McGregor, Barbara (McPherson)
McGregor, Bertha (Clarke), 1856-1899
McGregor, Bertha Louise
McGregor, Bill, 1889-1970
McGregor, Dean William
McGregor, Douglas
McGregor, Eliza (Cook)
McGregor, Ethel May, 1878-1946
McGregor, Eva
McGregor, George Percy, 1891-1986
McGregor, Grace
McGregor, James Robert
McGregor, Janice
McGregor, Jennie
McGregor, John Diamond, 1854-1937
McGregor, Lena Maud, 1879-1967
McGregor, Lillian (Broster), 1898-1968
McGregor, Louise
McGregor, Marilyn
McGregor, Mary Ann (Diamond), 1833-1901
McGregor, Mary Maver (Murray), 1894-1970
McGregor, Myrtle Bertha, 1881-1976
McGregor, Percy, 1891-1986
McGregor, Roy Maver
McGregor, Vera (Grimshaw)
McGregor, Vernon Arthur
McGregor, William Bartlett, 1889-1970

McGuire, Debra Lynn (Deb)
McKague, Brianna Nelson
McKague, Carla Anne
McKague, Clarence, 1908-1998 (J.C.)
McKague, Cody Nelson
McKague, D'Arcy James
McKague, Doris Lillian
McKague, Eric
McKague, Eric Richards
McKague, Ethel Maud, 1913-1988
McKague, Florence Myrtle
McKague, George Wilfrid, 1912-1933
McKague, Helen Julia (Runnels), 1907-1984
McKague, James Ernest (Jim)
McKague, John Bruce, 1880-1972
McKague, John Clarence, 1908-1998 (J.C.)
McKague, Leila Christina
McKague, Lena Maud (McGregor), 1879-1967
McKague, Linda
McKague, Margaret Lillian (Richards), 1913-1985
McKague, Margaret Linda
McKague, Mary Selah (Bowman Forsyth McArthur)
McKague, Michelle Elizabeth
McKague, Rick
McKague, Robert Eric
McKague, Wilfrid, 1912-1933
McPherson, Barbara
Moran, Andrew Réné James
Moran, Erica Sebastienne (van Will) (Sebastienne)
Moran, Sean Sebastian James
Murray, Mary Maver, 1894-1970

Nelson, Shelly Lynn

Parthun, Felice Roseanne Janet
Prentice, April
Prentice, Bonnie
Prentice, Heather
Prentice, Karalee Anne (Kelly)
Prentice, Marilyn (McGregor)
Prentice, Shawny
Prentice, Thomas

Redcliffe, Linda Anne (Anne)
Richards, Margaret Lillian, 1913-1985
Richmond, Brad William
Richmond, Graeme Donald Wolfe
Richmond, Paul Stanley Wolfe
Roehl, Ann Louise (McGregor)
Runnels, Helen Julia, 1907-1984
Rusk, Bruce Arthur
Rusk, Clifford Arthur, 1914-1984 (Cliff)
Rusk, Donald Andrew (Don)
Rusk, Donald Calin
Rusk, Doris Lillian (McKague)
Rusk, James Arthur (Jim)
Rusk, John Davey
Rusk, Juliann (Turner)
Rusk, Leila Marlene
Rusk, Margaret Elizabeth
Rusk, Mark Joseph
Rusk, Ronnie Rose (Diamond)
Rusk, Sarah Doris

Stephens, Cecil Wallace, 1908-1996
Stephens, Christopher David (Chris)
Stephens, David Carey (Dave)
Stephens, Debra Lynn (McGuire) (Deb)
Stephens, Donna Ruth
Stephens, Florence Myrtle (McKague)
Stephens, Glenn Robert
Stephens, Jennifer Anne
Stephens, Katherine Danielle (Katie)
Stephens, Linda Anne (Redcliffe) (Anne)
Stephens, Lisa Jane
Stephens, Matthew Glenn

Tuck, Benjamin Robert
Tuck, Donna Ruth Stephens
Tuck, Elizabeth Susan (Beth)
Tuck, Jeffrey Stephen (Jeff)
Tuck, Katelyn Laura Mechelle (Katie)
Tuck, Melinda (Arnold)
Tuck, Noah Jeffrey
Tuck, Robert Scott (Rob)
Tuck, Ross
Turner, Juliann

van Will, Erica Sebastienne (Sebastienne)
van Will, Margaret Linda (Linda)
van Will, Sebastianus Jozef Egidius (Van, Gidi)

Wolfe, Benjamin Louis (Ben)
Wolfe, Carla Anne (McKague)
Wolfe, Jennifer Anne (Jen)
Wolfe, Menya Ruth, 1964-2001
Wolfe, Morris
Wolfe-Parthun, Emma Mary Laurel
Wolfe-Parthun, Hannah Margaret Rose
Wolfe-Parthun, Noah Raymond Morris

Young, Bethany Anne
Young, Ernest Gordon (Gord)
Young, Jennifer Anne (Stephens)
Young, Jordan
Young, Nathaniel Donovan
Young, Simona Gwendolyn Jennika

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