McCrea Photographs

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[dr. amos mccrea]This page is for our photographs of our McCrea family. We have some of our immediate ancestors and close living descendants, but are eager to have more pictures of more distant McCrea relatives.

Bannister, Tracy
Bevin, Peter Courtney Frank (Pete)

Clinton, Andrew McKenzie (Andy)
Clinton, Bailey Alyssa
Clinton, Edward
Clinton, Lauren Elizabeth
Clinton, Michael Edward (Mike)
Clinton, Norah Elizabeth (McKenzie)
Clinton, Stephanie Anne
Clinton, Timothy David (Tim)
Clinton, Tracy (Bannister Coulthard)
Clinton, Virginia Erin
Coulthard, Dylan Jeremy
Coulthard, Tracy (Bannister)

Diminie, Chantel Skye
Diminie, Megan Anne
Diminie, Natalie Rose
Diminie, Stuart Todd
Diminie, Todd
Diminie, Whitney Anne (Lake)

Guivernau, Xenia

Henderson, Pamela Mary

Lake, Courtney Janet
Lake, Darcy Malcolm
Lake, James Russell (Russell)
Lake, Janet Ruth (McKenzie)
Lake, John Russell
Lake, Pamela Mary (Henderson)
Lake, Rachel Beryl
Lake, Raven McKenzie
Lake, Whitney Anne
Lake, Xenia (Guiverneau)

McCrea, Amos S., 1821-1886
McCrea, Margaret, ca 1858-1897 (Maggie)
McDonald, Clara Kathleen (Richards)
McDonald, Dennis Richards
McDonald, Elwood A.
McDonald, Martha Lynn
McKague, Carla Anne
McKague, Eric Richards (Rick)
McKague, Margaret Lillian (Richards), 1913-1985
McKague, Margaret Linda (Linda)
McKague, Michelle Elizabeth
McKague, Robert Eric (Eric)
McKenzie, Andrew Roland
McKenzie, Edith Ruth (Richards)
McKenzie, James Roland (Jamie)
McKenzie, Janet Ruth
McKenzie, Martha Lynn (McDonald)
McKenzie, Matthew James
McKenzie, Norah Elizabeth
McKenzie, Roland
Moran, Andrew Réné James
Moran, Erica Sebastienne (van Will) (Sebastienne)
Moran, Sean Sebastian James

Parthun, Felice Roseanne Janet
Richards, Clara Jessie (Wilson), ca 1886-1938
Richards, Clara Kathleen
Richards, Doris Helen, 1919-1972
Richards, Edith Ruth
Richards, James Nelson, 1886-1926 (Jim)
Richards, Lillian, ca 1883-1947 (Lil)
Richards, Margaret (McCrea), ca 1858-1897 (Maggie)
Richards, Margaret Lillian, 1913-1985
Richards, Mary Edith, ca 1894-1908
Richards, Nicholas Dennis, ca 1852-1918
Richmond, Brad William
Richmond, Graeme Donald Wolfe
Richmond, Paul Stanley Wolfe

Siple, Doris Helen (Richards), 1919-1972
Spagnolo, Eric
Spagnolo, Lauren Elizabeth (Clinton)

Tuer, Adam Gordon
Tuer, Bethany Anne
Tuer, David William
Tuer, Gordon
Tuer, Stephanie Anne (Clinton)

van Will, Erica Sebastienne (Sebastienne)
van Will, Margaret Linda (Linda)
van Will, Sebastianus Jozef Egidius (Van, Gidi)

White, Bertha Luella, 1892-1950
Wilson, Bertha Luella (White), 1892-1950
Wilson, Clara Jessie, ca 1886-1937
Wilson, Lillian May, 1870-1930 (Lil)
Wilson, Thomas Franklin, 1881-1954 (Frank)
Wolfe, Benjamin Louis (Ben)
Wolfe, Carla Anne (McKague)
Wolfe, Jennifer Anne (Jen)
Wolfe, Menya Ruth, 1964-2001
Wolfe, Morris
Wolfe-Parthun, Emma Mary Laurel
Wolfe-Parthun, Hannah Margaret Rose
Wolfe-Parthun, Noah Raymond Morris

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