McKague Photographs (County Cavan)

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This page is for the photographs we have of our County Cavan McKagues. This is our biggest collection, so we've subdivided it according to ancestry. We have also put up a master list for those of you who want to browse among various lines. As usual, we'd be delighted to have more pictures. (If you can't find someone here, it's probably because we don't have any pictures.) If you can contribute, get in touch with Linda at the E-mail address on our main page.

We've tried to make it easy for you to find pictures of a particular person by including variations of his or her name in the list below. For example, if you're looking for Joseph Winnifred McKague, you'll find him under "McKague, Joseph Winnifred", "McKague, Win" and "McKague, James Winnifred" (since for some reason he was apparently also known as James). And the twice-married Mary Victoria Huntington is found as "Huntington, Mary Victoria", "Perry, Mary Victoria (Huntington)" and "McKague, Mary Victoria (Huntington Perry)". In some cases, where people have died and we're not invading privacy, we've also included birth and death dates to help you. If you have any ideas on how to make the process even simpler, let us know.

Now for how we're splitting the pictures up.

Our immigrant ancestors, John McKague and Jane Wilson, had eight children. We know nothing about one of their daughters. However, we are in touch with many descendants of the other seven, and that's how we're putting up the pictures. So if you know which of John and Jane's children was your ancestor--George, William, Ann, Jane, John (the younger), Mary or Robert Enry--that's where you should go for your closest family's pictures.

In addition, we have a few pictures of family members of the original John's brother William, whom people have referred to as "William the Homesteader". So if that's your branch, head for him.

[link to ann's photographs]Ann's family
[link to george's photographs]George's family
[link to jane's photographs]Jane's family
[link to mary's photographs]Mary's family
[link to john's photographs]John's family
[link to robert's photographs]Robert Enry's family
[link to william's photographs]William's family

[link to homesteader's photographs]William the Homesteader's family

[link to cavan master list]County Cavan Master List

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