Andrew Moran's Family
Linda McKague van Will and Carla McKague

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We're Andrew's mother-in-law (Linda) and aunt-in-law (Carla). We've constructed this tree for Andrew and his parents, Jim and Louise.

Andrew and Jim don't know much about Jim's family. They hope this page will help them find other family members.

Louise's family has done a better job of keeping in touch and preserving their history. There are some wonderful stories here about life in rural Québec.

This is very much a work in progress. We welcome and encourage additions and corrections from members of Andrew's family and interested others.


We have chosen to respect privacy by excluding all information about living people except for their names and places in the tree. (We do have a fair bit of such information, and will be happy to help people share it in the right circumstances.) If we aren't sure whether someone is still alive, we have decided to play it safe and exclude the information. If we're reliably informed of the person's death, we'll make the information available.


The tree consists of "family cards" and "person sheets". You can start either by clicking "Home card" above (which will take you to the family card for Andrew and Sebastienne), or by clicking "Surnames" and picking a surname, and then given name, of your choice. We do NOT advise that you start with "Index", as loading the index is a slow process, and getting there through "Surnames" will be much faster.

Navigation through the family cards is pretty self-evident. What may not be quite so obvious is that you can click on the name of either of a couple on a "family card", and get a "person sheet" containing more information about that person (if we have it). The information on the person sheet is usually different for husbands and wives, so you may want to look at both. You can then navigate among the person sheets by clicking names. If you want to go back to the family cards, just go to the bottom of the page and click "Web Family Card".

At the bottom of many person sheets, for the use of those of you who are serious about your genealogy, is a section called "Research Notes", which contains information about conflicting sources and unanswered questions. Any help appreciated.


Created Dec 31, 2003 by Reunion, from Leister Productions, Inc.