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Name Pierre YOU , Sieur de la Découverte
Occupation Soldier, Fur Trader, Voyageur108
Birth Date ca 1669109
Birth Place La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France
Birth Memo St-Sauveur Parish
Death Date Aug 28, 1718113
Death Place Montréal Parish, PQ Canada
Burial Date Aug 28, 1718109
Burial Place Montréal Parish, PQ Canada
Burial Memo Father Rangeard. Also present were Jean Jacques Talbot (acolyte) and Jean Baptiste Quenville.
Religion Roman Catholic109
Father Pierre YOU (ca1613-1675)
Mother Marie Renee TURCOT
1 Elizabeth la Sauvagesse
Birth Date ?
Death Date ?
Unmarried 105,51,132,110
Children Marie-Ann (ca1694-?)
2 Madeleine Marie JUST
Birth Date ca 1662109
Birth Place Clamecy, Nièvre, Bourgogne, France
Death Date ?
Religion Roman Catholic109
Father Hebert JUST
Mother Madeleine DAUMONT
Marriage Date Apr 19, 1697109
Marriage Place Montréal Parish, PQ Canada
Marriage Memo Father Debreslay. Also present were Dominique Delamothe ("écuyer" [squire]), Charles Decouagne ("marchand-bourgeois, ancien marguillier" [merchant, former? churchwarden]), Alexandre Turpin ("bourgeois"), his wife Charlotte Bauvais, and Pierre Chantereau.
Children Pierre (Died as Child) (1698-1703)
Philippe (1699-?)
Francois Madeleine (1700-1730)
Joseph Pascal (Died as Child) (1702-1702)
Marie Louise (1706-<1728)
3 Marie Madeleine DRUSSON dit ROBERT
Birth Date Apr 3, 1689109
Birth Place Laprairie Parish, PQ Canada
Baptism Date Apr 3, 1689109
Baptism Place Laprairie Parish, PQ Canada
Baptism Memo Father Jean Fremont. Also present were Pierre Babin, son of Andre Babin, and Genevieve Boudaut, wife of Andre Babin.
Death Date Aug 25, 1747109
Burial Date Aug 26, 1747109
Burial Place Montréal Parish, PQ Canada
Burial Memo Buried in the cemetery near the church. Father Lesueur. Also present was Father Clerimbert.
Religion Roman Catholic109
Father Robert DRUSSON dit ROBERT (1656-1730)
Mother Marie Jeanne TARDE (1666-?)
Unmarried 108
Children Marie Charlotte (1706-?)
Marie Catherine (1708-1724)
Notes for Pierre YOU , Sieur de la Découverte
Pierre was from La Rochelle, France,105 more specifically the St. Sauveur district of La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente-Maritime.108 He came to New France as a Lieutenant, and became associated with La Salle. He was with La Salle when he took possession of the Mississippi Valley in the name of the King of France on March 13 and 14, 1682. As a result, in 1683 he received the title Sieur de la Découverte. This was accorded him in the official government acts, in which he is titled "officer in Louisiana".105

An alternative or supplementary explanation is that the name "Sieur de la Découverte" attached to his name indicates that he probably had a large parcel of land given to him by the King of France or by the King's representative in New France. Such names were often used in the signing of legal documents and church records to attach importance to the name. They were often preceded by the word 'dit' (also known as) and many times the original surname was dropped and the 'dit' name became the official surname.108

After fathering a child with Elizabeth, Pierre returned to Montréal, leaving her behind, and married a new arrival from France.105 Pierre and Madeleine's marriage licence was obtained in Montreal on Oct 13, 1697, and recorded by notary Antoine Adhemar. They had five children. At some point in the 1600s Pierre became a fur merchant. In 1704 he became a voyageur, signing an Engagement (a contract) on April 29, 1704 go west to trade with the Indians for furs. Thereafter he fathered two more children out of marriage.110

In December 1680 with Robert, Cavalier de La Salle, he discovered the Mississippi River. "LaSalle set out on his perilous journey with the four remaining men, Dautray, Hunaut, You, and the Indian. Each man was armed with two guns, a pistol, and a sward; and a number of hatchets and other goods were placed in the canoe, as presents for Indians whom they met... . La Salle and his companions hastened on, and during the following day passed four opposing camps of the savage armies. The silence of death now reigned along the deserted river, whose lonely borders wrapped deep in forests, seemed lifeless as the grave. As they drew near the mouth of the stream, they saw a meadow on their right, and landed ... "133
Research Notes
NAME: Pierre's last name is also given as HYOU109 and as YON.51

BIRTH: Pierre's birthdate is given as ca 1658 with the place given only as France,105 and as ca 1658 with the place confirmed.113 112 His age at marriage is given as 28.109

BAPTISM: His date of baptism is also given as ca 1658 in France.113 There is a very puzzling record that indicates Pierre was baptized Jan 18, 1698 in Montréal Parish with both parents (named) present.109 It appears that there is an error in the mother's name so that this is actually the baptism of his son Pierre.

MARRIAGE: The date and place of Pierre's marriage to Madeleine JUSTE are confirmed.112 The place of marriage is confirmed with no date given.105 His marriage to Madeleine is also shown as Apr 15, 1697 with no place given.116 He is shown as marrying Elizabeth on Apr 4, 1693 in Checagou/Chicago, Illinois,113 but an actual marriage seems unlikely. The date of his marriage to Elizabeth is also given as Aug 15, 1718 with no place given,113 but this is in fact the date of his daughter Marie-Ann's marriage. Marie-Anne is recorded as illegitimate.109

BURIAL: His date and place of burial are confirmed.112

MISC: One source indicates that in 1677 Pierre was sergeant of the garrison at Fort Frontenac.110 This appears to be in conflict with the information that he came to New France as a lieutenant.

QUESTION: He is reported to have been titled "officer in Canada" in 1685.110 Does this mean he returned to Canada, and then went back south? What was the extent of Canada at that time?
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